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A new world with new rules.  Harness creative minds to help navigate it.

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures.  The CDC has recommended that sneeze guards be installed as a layer of protection between individuals who may have to come within 6 feet of each other.  As COVID-19 has been shown to largely travel via respiratory droplets, adding sneeze guards to the other recommended safety precautions such as masks and regular hand washing can significantly lower the risk of transmission between employees and clients.

As the NYC area begins to enter phases of reopening, you must have many questions on how to configure your workspace to ensure your employees and clients are well protected.  We are a unique city in many ways.  We have many different kinds of businesses tucked into all kinds of spaces.  That is where we come in.

Who are We?

TCS Partition Depot is an offshoot of Tom Carroll Scenery.  We design and build Broadway sets and props and are often called upon to solve complicated installation issues in theaters or other public spaces.

Do you have a small or unusually laid out space? Are you a smaller company who can’t do a bulk order? Do you want your barriers to have your logo etched in them because they are client facing?  Can you not even figure out what you need?  We can work with you, draft the perfect sneeze guard solution and fabricate the perfect barrier to your specifications.


Our expert draftsman and creative designers and builders are here to help you take care of your employees and get back to business.


We can create sneeze guards and other Covid barriers for offices, nail salons, restaurants, retail stores, pop-up stores, service desks, counters, POS displays, reception desks, check-out lines, self service kiosks,  desks,  assembly lines, manufacturing stations, production lines and more!



We can provide DIY kits for self installation or our staff of professional installation technicians can come to you.

No Barriers to your Brand

We can custom etch your logo or provide custom graphics onto any surface you choose to work with.

Partition Depot Sneeze Guard.jpg

NEW ideas

We have over 20 years of experience coming up with creative ways to solve problems in spaces. Let us help you come up with a solution to give your employees the critical protection they deserve


Don't know where to start? Our design and drafting team will help tailor our products to your requirements and budget.  


We manufacture in plastics, aluminum, glass, and more. Choose from multiple finishes to meet your needs, from retail to workspace.

We have over twenty years of experience in manufacturing office and retail fixtures. Let our expertise work for you in these difficult times.


Take our brief survey to help us learn more about you and your space.

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